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he serving tray is a product stagnated for several years in well known and very simple form we know and did not follow the technological evolution. 

Based on our experience in the field of health interest (cafe, bar, hotel, restaurant) with a view to enhancing the value, usability and real possibilities of serving trays, designed and built the «NOUS TRAY», a handy tray for user, which facilitates the work, and is also enriched with new uses and functions, standing elegantly in space while enabling the company to use it as an option for publicity and commercial purposes (for example: promotion / advertising / promotion of new products information on possible events, parties, events, etc., use for promotional purposes). 

With a tour on our website to configure a clearer picture of the product and all professionals will appreciate the novelty of «NOUS TRAY» both in service and elegance as well as effective and "targeted advertising" that can be achieved.


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